Our time clock is built for small businesses

See why our time clock app is the best fit for small businesses with 3 - 25 employees.

If you are a small business owner, you probably don’t need a time clock app with a sophisticated platform, a dozen fancy features, and a high price tag. As a matter of a fact, you’re most likely looking for an easy-to-use platform with simple yet effective features that make your life easier, and one that doesn’t involve HR document management, learning a management system.

Our time clock app bring on the table features such as clocking workers in and out, instant hour reports and payroll, activity tracker, and more. We don’t make a compromise on core features. We just eliminate the features most time clocks keep adding to increase their level of sophistication and justify a high price tag. With us, you’ll save money by saving time on payroll that is done automatically, not to mention how much better it is to pay your workers only for the hours they actually work.

Let’s take a look at core traits of the clock app and how it can help you save money and time starting at only $5 per month.

No Training Needed

No manuals needed, no need to explain it to the staff. It’s that easy for your employees to click in & out. You just sign in on the approved computers and click the “clock in” button. When you’re done, you click “clock out”. Piece a cake.

But the best part is that it works only on the computers approved by you and you can set your own time, which won’t allow your workers to clock in or out earlier than they’re supposed to.

Why We Are Simpler And More Affordable Than Our Competitors?

The answer is simple: we made an app for small business owners who don’t require features such as GPS tracking and invoicing by job codes. Most companies just need the basic features and an easy-to-use platform. Instead, they are bombarded with expensive apps even though they don’t have any use for all those features!

Our monthly cost for small businesses starts at a price of a coffee, so feel free to check out our pricing packages.