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Get your employees to clock in and out on time

Use The IDEAblox employee time clock app to time track hourly employees, run payroll reports, and manage paid time off (PTO).
Clocking in with a COVID wellness check form
Instant payroll reports with regular and overtime
Quickly see who's clocked in with the in & out board
IDEAblox is the best time clock app for small business owners

IDEAblox is the best time clock app for small business owners

IDEAblox is the real-time time clock app for small business owners. Most time clock apps are designed for medium and larger-sized companies, meaning you end up paying for features you don’t need. We’ve built IDEAblox with the small business in mind, allowing for easy time tracking for medical, law and insurance offices with anywhere from 3 to 50 employees. Don’t just buy any time tracking software, but buy the small business time clock app that’s right for your small business - give our software a free 30 day trial today.

IDEAblox's Top 5 Popular Features

1 One Click to Clock In

Save time and easily clock in and clock out with one easy click.

One Click to Clock In

2 Instant Payroll Report

No more manual calculations or Excel timesheets. Work hours and overtime hours are automatically calculated for the given pay period.

Instant Payroll Report

3 Security & Permissions

Approved computer and devices by the company admin, IP restriction, mobile restrictions and all time card changes have approval flows if you like.

Set up IP restrictions for clocking in See which employee clocked in from outside the office
Block employees from clocking in on their phones

4 In & Out Board

Quickly check on your team members and see overall employee attendance at a glance.

In & out board

5 Time Off

Simple to set up paid time off (PTO) with employee scheduling and tracking for both days off and work days. Allow your employees to file the requests themselves.

Set up PTO policies for your office
Businesses choosing us to clock in their employees

Businesses choosing us to clock in their employees

State Farms customer
Sweet Tooth Care customer
LEED customer
Spring Design customer
Review from Jessica, Dentist

I hated doing payroll, I still hate it. But at least now it's so much easier. No more manually calculating hours. And my staff finds IDEAblox easy to use. And I can now manage California Paid Sick Leave policy with time off requests.
Dr. Jessica Nien, Sweet Tooth Care

Review from Kyle, Dentist

"TIME SAVER! I have zero complaints it is very simple and easy to use. One of the best software that we use daily in our office."
Kyle, Eagle Mountain Family Dental

Perfect reviews badge from Capterra

IDEAblox Time Clock app has 4.6 out 5 stars with over 200 reviews from Capterra product reviews.

"The IDEAblox software is really easy to use. I can easily clock in and out by simply signing in and clicking a button. I can also really easily request and keep track of time off"
Nicole, Ignite XDS

"The system is easy to use and can be accessed from any computer with internet. This makes it easy for small business to have a simple way of accurately keeping time cards. The comment section is also very useful if you miss a clock in/out."
Victoria, Coyote Clay and Color

Price per month

Price per month

IDEAblox’s monthly prices are fixed — we don’t charge per user. Easy to budget for! This includes ALL features and support. And you can call us for questions, we don't charge extra for that!

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