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Clean and simple! 
Perfect for our size of business and much easier than keeping track on paper. Very easy to sign in and immediately clock in. It's also easy to alter hours if a mistake was made. All employees have adapted quickly!
Jennifer Y., Dental Administrator

Ins & Outs of Web-Based Time Clocks 
The Ins: As the HR coordinator & Payroll Admin for a small owner/operated business I really like the simplicity of the system AND the price. It was easy set up & get our team using the software. I appreciate that our front desk tablet can be used by employees to clock in/clock out; as well as all of the other things we use the table for (Square, etc). Unlike "When I Work" which requires a dedicated device for time clock.
Courtney P., Office Manager

Exactly what we were looking for! 
I like the price and the fact that both my locations can use it and I don't have to travel to both locations to get the time. I can see exactly who is clocked in and at what time. I can work on their time and time off from my desk throughout the month not just on payday so it doesn't take make it an all day affair.
Shawna T., Office Manager

I would never used a wall Time Clock again 
Making payroll is some easy. I can get last weeks timecard reports is less than a minute. I love the fact that I can give the employee a report of their complete last year times and show them just how many times they were late for work. This is a good report to show when they ask for a raise.
Buddy B., CEO

Easy to use! 
We have had several good results from using IDEAblox. First, employees are more punctual. They realize on their own that they are a few minutes late. Therefore, they are generally reliable to correct the issue without the director bringing it to their attention. Secondly, it requires less time to process the payroll, allowing our time to be put to better use than just checking other's math skills!
Lisa M., Bookkeeper

Daily Employee Timecards 
I love how easy it is to clock in and out from a computer or mobile device. Its easy to monitor and keep track of my hours for week, vacation time and access previous pay period.
Ashley L., Dental Hygienist

Saves me more than it costs me 
Before IDEAblox, my employees were giving me paper time sheets. The times they clocked in/out were always round numbers (3:00, 8:30, etc...) and I know that wasn't the actual time. They would also not fill out their timesheets daily and would "remember" their time and fill it in when it was time to turn them in. I know that I was overpaying in wages due to these two things. Now they clock in when they start working and clock out when they leave and there is no question as to when that is. I save WAY more than the monthly fee just by their timesheets being accurate.
Aaron R., Owner