Picking the Right Time Clock App

IDEAblox vs ShiftPlanning

We're the simpler, more affordable and
easier to use time clock app than ShiftPlanning. Here's why?

1 Why we're simpler to use?

We're simpler because our app is built for small businesses that have 2 - 50 employees. This makes a huge difference, because we're not adding unnecessary features to sell to corporations. We stick to the core features like clocking people in & out and giving payroll hour reports to managers.

Here's what we don't have:

And here's what do have and excel in:

Clock in & out button is the first thing your employees see.

Quickly see the relevant payroll reports by clicking the blue buttons at the top.

2 Why we're more affordable?

We set the prices to be really affordable for small businesses. We can do this, because we focus on the core features that 90% of the businesses needs. We don't feel that a $45 per month rate is affordable for a business with just 2-5 employees. At that stage, We think the owners would rather just calculate by hand, instead of paying $540 per year on a time sheet app. Our $5 monthly cost is equivalent to buying a burger for lunch.

Price comparison

5 employees 25 employees 40 employees
ShiftPlanning $49/month ($588/year) $78/month ($936/year) $106/month ($1272/year)
IDEAblox Time Clock $5/month ($60/year) $20/month ($240/year) $20/month ($240/year)
You Save $528 / year $696 / year $1032 / year