3 ways to get employees to clock in on time

We talked to hundreds of companies and found these tips

This is a common problem in all companies.

Employees not clocking in on time is a common problem and costs companies thousands of dollars every year. There are many reasons why this happens:

I find most of the time, people just forget to clock in & out, because there are so many things to juggle at work now-a-days. Below are top 3 ways to improve this.

Use pictures to remind people

Hang a big and clear picture of a time clock and times to clock in & out by the entry way or their desk. Make sure to go over the purpose of this picture with all employees. Once they understand the purpose, they're more likely to remember it. Keep in mind, pictures are better reminders for many people.

Get their coworkers to help

Pair people up to remind each other to clock in & out. Go over this responsibility with them and hold them accountable.

Reward the whole office, throw a party

Set a goal for the office, for example, if the everyone clocks in & out on time for the month, then your office will bring in lunch for everyone, like pizza or an awesome dessert. This will also be a great way for the team to bond.